I am a young college grad, living in southwestern Ohio with my family and our two dogs. Outside of graphic design, I am an active reader of all genres - you will find me immersed in a book for hours. When away from my everyday distractions, I enjoy visiting museums, asking a lot of questions, car dancing in traffic, and I am a huge movie buff.

I am inspired by simplistic, solid, bold, and uniquely awkward pieces of art. These aesthetics parallel me with appearing as though I am a Plain Jane. However, also attributes to my animated personality and strong individuality. With this I follow the philosophy of Walt Disney "Dream it. Do it. Disney." With incorporating my photography into material products, I look to photographer Andrew Zuckerman, who enthuses me. Zuckerman translates strange scenes into believable, extraordinary visions. The projects feature humans, animals, an object, and how they all interconnect with one another.

When creating my colorful and witty illustrations, Hanoch Piven's celebrity portrait artwork inspires my own. The lack of detail sparks interest in how one simple element can speak for the entire piece. I achieve this in my illustrations by eliminating the facial features in the celebrities. I let their overall physical stature and surroundings speak for their identity. My intended message is to illustrate that I am one who thinks outside the box, not afraid to take risks, and passionately enjoys creating art. I believe this passion controls my drive; I set it on cruise and I breathe in life, breathe out art.

"...Allison embraces the challenges that come with an increasingly changing industry. She has always been a hard worker and a bit of a perfectionist. She is a team player who can lead as well as follow depending on the situation or project. She is humble enough and wise enough to know her role in any given project. At the same time Allison is assertive enough to ask questions and to make suggestions in order to get a job done well..."

Duff Orlemann, Illustrator/Graphic Designer

"...Allison was an outstanding student in my Creativity and Innovation class. Her work exceeded my expectations and her contributions to class consistently revealed a strong grasp of the material combined with an inquisitive intellect. Through several group projects Allison proved herself to be an ideal team member. Her personal flexibility combined with a solid skill set enables Allison to objectively monitor her team's processes and keep them moving toward their objectives..."

Tricia Garwood, Disney's Creativity and Innovation Instructor

"...Allison brought to the project knowledge and understanding of various design concepts blended with professionalism. She adhered to the fastpaced project performance schedule and guidelines established. We frequently met and communicated about the progress of the project. It is my recommendation that she be considered as a highly viable candidate for employment..."

Shanda Beasley, Soupberb Owner